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Delivery and exchange policy
At My Vape Shop, we deliver authentic quality products to our customer service. Your satisfaction is our main priority. That is why we offer a 6-7-day exchange policy only for unused products. Suppose the product is lost during the transmission process or is not in the original fresh condition. In that case, we will not be responsible for returning a cashback or product delivery in place of a lost or depleted product. After receiving the product, we will analyze its condition and undergo further processing.
For damaged and depleted products
We are not responsible for exchanging and refunding damaged and depleted products. We do our best to pack and deliver the product safely to the buyers. In case of any depletion, you can send a picture or video via email to our customer service so we can take action to put more effort into packaging and resolve the issue for the next delivery.
Exchanging Claim purpose:
Contact us via email at With the following identification, we will instruct you where and how you can exchange your product.
Write Your name, phone number, and complete residential address.
Order # and day of purchasing order
Write a complete explanation of why you want to exchange the product or whatever issue you have in detail
Limitation of Liability
My vape shop shall not be liable for any troubles related to these products. It’s your personal preference or liability to use or buy our products. If you experienced something serious about health and any other issue that results from misused or mishandled. We are not responsible for such consequential damages because accessing and purchasing from our site indicates your acceptance.

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Purchasing Online
This site is eligible only for legal age, and it is necessary to verify age when required during the purchasing procedure. If you are a minor and access our website to purchase a product illegally, we are not accountable for such access.

Nicotine Warning
The products you purchase from My vape shop  are nicotine-based. Nicotine is hazardous to health and is a highly addictive ingredient. Hackney or misused nicotine products may cause serious health issues, but these are all the user’s or buyer’s responsibility; we are not responsible for such issues.
Nicotine is legal to use only for adults above age 19, following the regulations of the Canadian government.
Do not ingest or intake nicotine directly into the mouth as it is toxic and causes serious damage to your lungs or any other organ.
Keep all nicotine products away from children or pets.

Terms updating
We will update the terms and conditions of My vape shop. It’s necessary to check and read the terms status and update and fix the agreement between us before buying the product.