How Long A Disposable Vape Lasts?

disposable vape

Everyone who uses a disposable vape knows that it won’t last forever. Disposable vapes are pocket-friendly and easy to use; Moreover, they are available in exciting flavors that allow you to enjoy new flavors as you run out of the existing ones.

Generally, it is assumed that a disposable vape can give 300 to 500 puffs. Most vapes contain about 1.5ml to 2ml of liquid or vape juice. But several factors affect this duration, so quoting the exact time is impossible. Let’s look at this blog to determine how long your disposable last.

What are the factors that affect disposable vape’s lifespan?

Every vaping device is unique from the others available in the market, which means different features. Just like that, there are different vapers, and depending on the vaping style, how much a vaper inhales also affects the lasting duration of the vape. Some of the most important factors that affect the lifespan of vapes are stated below;

Battery Capacity

The battery capacity varies from brand to brand; it is the soul of any vape. When purchasing any vape, you must consider this factor as the lifespan depends on it. All vape devices are pre-charged; once you are out of it, the device is no longer of any use. Ensure you check the battery capacity of the product before buying. Falling into the trap of a cheap brand can cause you more trouble than an expensive one.


The vaping style also significantly impacts the lifespan of vape. To enjoy the full essence of the flavor vape, it is recommended to inhale the puff slowly. Also, slow puffs help retain the e-liquid longer and don’t affect the battery life as they would in other cases.

Brand Quality

A premium quality vape brand might be heavy on the pocket, but it is worth purchasing. As with a low-quality product, you might not be able to enjoy it to the fullest and end up in a day or two. So always look for a reliable brand with an excellent sustainable market position.

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