Introduction and History of Disposable Vapes

Introduction and History of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are puff bar vape devices that are swiftly gaining popularity all across the world. They are the ones that take the vaping industry to the next level of success. Due to the advancement and convenience of these devices, they have become the first choice for smokers to consider switching.

The simplicity of this device made it an attractive choice for seeking hassle-free vaping. The need for buttons or settings means users can enjoy vaping without the learning curve associated with other devices. 

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History of Disposable Vapes

Disposable electronic vapes have fulfilled the vaper’s needs over the past few decades. As time passes,  advancement and the latest technologies are utilized in these devices to help smokers for rapid transformation toward vape.

First Commercial success

These vaping devices are the innovation of the early 2000s century. Hon Lik, the Chinese pharmacist, first innovated electronic cigarettes in 2003 after the death of his father from the deadly disease of lung cancer. His motive is to search for a safer alternative to cigarette smoking. He discovered disposable devices with a larger lifespan, lithium-ion batteries and a lower price range for the help of smokers.

The way toward future success

After the successful innovation by Hon Lik in 2004, a company, “Smoking Everywhere”, crafted a single-used device called “Exhale”. This innovation was not very beneficial for smokers but made a way toward future success.

A huge success of disposable vapes

 In 2009, disposable vapes gained the huge success they deserved. The Juul Lab company crafted a smart and portable Puffbar vape device incorporated with a pod system for nicotine delivery. This modern, sleek, small device is hugely successful and popular among vaping enthusiasts.


After Juul Lab company’s huge success, disposable vapes have become popular worldwide. Many new vaping companies were introduced and developed various sizes and features of electronic vapes, from non-rechargeable to rechargeable. Today, every brand endeavours to craft the best devices and pod systems using crafted minds and cutting-edge technologies. This immense popularity has set a strict competition for vaping brands in the disposable market.


Types of Disposable Vapes

Over time, vaping industries crafted single-use vapes with new styles and remarkable features to make them simpler and more beneficial for vapers. Below are the different types of disposable vapes.

Disposable e-cigs

Disposable e-cigs are one-time-used vape devices that are more similar to traditional cigarettes. This device has an integrated battery and prefilled cartridge. The built-in battery is precharged and activated through a draw activation mechanism. These e-cigs are available in the market with nicotine or without nicotine and a variety of candy, fruity or juicy flavours.

Pen-style Disposable 

Pen-style disposables are pen-like, slim and compact. They arrive prefilled and have a built-in precharged, non-replaceable battery with limited puff count availability. This device is activated through an auto-draw inhalation mechanism and is best for ex-smokers to enjoy vaping with convenience. Some advanced models are rechargeable through a fast-charging Type C port but are non-refillable.

Pod System Disposable 

Pod system disposable devices are prefilled with e-liquid and designed for compatible devices. These pod disposables are advanced types of vape, equipped with a heating coil. In some models of pod devices, the latest technology mesh coil is incorporated for better vapour production and smooth inhale. Once the e-liquid ends, the empty pod is disposed of, and a new one for your device is purchased.


Benefits of using Disposable Vape

Convenience and Portability

The beginners and ex-smokers mostly use disposable devices because they are already filled and charged. The ease of use makes them beneficial for vapers to enjoy puff vape conveniently. Due to their compact size and hassle-free nature, they are easily held in hands for public use and events. Most vapers opt for travelling as they are free from extra vaping accessories and refilling mess.

No Maintenance

Disposable devices are the epitome of simplicity, in which no maintenance or replacement is required, like regular vapes. These devices are designed to give vapers a smooth way of vaping. Just unpack the device and start to inhale through the auto-activation system. The coils and batteries equipped in these devices are non-replaceable, are of the finest quality, and work until the last puff counts.


One of the benefits of using disposable devices is their affordable price range. You can get more benefits in a low price range. You don’t need to purchase e-liquids and replacement parts separately. They are the best choice for ex-smokers and beginners to cater to nicotine needs without breaking your pocket.

Safer Alternative

The primary motive for the development of disposable devices is to serve as a safer alternative to cigarettes. No harmful ingredients like Tar, Carbon monoxide, and other toxic ingredients are used in vapes that cause deadly cancerous diseases. They mimic the cigarette to help smokers quickly switch from hazardous cigarettes to 95% safer alternatives. 

How Disposable Devices Work

Operating a electronic device is a straightforward process. You must be familiar with the integrated components to understand their working properly. The device has a precharged battery, coil and a prefilled cartridge. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the sensor detects the action, and the battery is powered to supply electricity to the coil. The coil contains e-liquid absorbed by wicking cotton, which heats up and vaporizes vapors. This method is repeated on every inhale. When you experience low vapour production or less flavour taste, your puff range ends, and it’s time to purchase a new device. The previous device will be disposed of carefully in an e-waste centre.

Comparison between Disposable Vape and Traditional Vape


                  Disposable Vape                 Traditional Vape
They are prefilled and precharged. Some of these devices are rechargeable with the highest puff count. Traditional vapes are refillable and rechargeable.
Disposable e-cigs are cost-effective and Budget-friendly for beginners and ex-smokers. Their devices are expensive and require more purchase of separate accessories like chargers, batteries and e-liquids.
Having no maintenance and replacement required. The coils, battery and other vaping parts are replaceable when damaged.
They are free from the hassle of adjustable settings. They require Proper wattage and temperature settings before activation.
Their prefilled liquid is sealed within the cartridge. They are leak-resistant devices. Regular vapes are full of refilling and leaking mess.

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