WAKA SoPro PA600



Upgrade your vaping journey with this pocket-size, highly portable Waka Sopro PA600 vape device, delivering 600 puffs of long-lasting experience. The 400mAh battery is built-in in the device, which is non-rechargeable for hassle-free vaping for beginner and experienced vapers.


  • Up to 600 puffs
  • 2 ml of prefilled liquid
  • Battery size: 400mAh 

Waka Sopro PA600 is a small, box-shaped vape device. This mini disposable device lets you get everything you want from an ideal vape device. It can be easily adjusted in the hands to vape while walking on the roadside. 

Flavour Profile

The flavours of Waka sopro PA vape are edible, mouth-watering, and available in fruity and tobacco flavours.

  1. Pink Twist
  2. Blueberry Raspberry
  3. Blueberry Splash
  4. Kiwi Passion Guava
  5. Triple Mango
  6. Watermelon Chill
  7. Red Buzz
  8. Pink Lemonade
  9. Strawberry
  10. Lemon Lime

How much nicotine strength does Waka so pro PA600 disposable vape deliver?

Waka sopro PA600 offers a different nicotine range: 1%,2%, and 5%. You can choose the nicotine level that combats your cravings.

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