Upgrade your vaping experience with the Waka Slam disposable Vape device Canada. This device offers longer vaping satisfaction of approximately 2500 puffs. This slim, portable vaping device allows you to enjoy a longer, smoother, flavourful inhalation and exhalation.

Waka Slam Vape Specification

Roughly 2500 puffs

Nicotine strength: 18mg/ml

liquid level: 6ml

Battery Size: 1000mAh

The WAKA SLAM 2500 disposable vape is a slim and portable device. High-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of devices. The premium e juice is prefilled, and the large battery is precharged to provide a consistent vaping experience. 

Key Features

  • 2nd Generation Mesh coil
  • Longer vaping satisfaction
  • Variety of rich flavours
  • Non-leakage material
  • Big battery size
  • Non-rechargeable battery

Waka Slam Flavour list

Waka Slam launched a variety of fruity and chill flavours that enhance your vaping satisfaction. The fresh flavours in these devices are harmless and full of sweet and delicious tastes.

  1. Strawberry Raspberry
  2. Peach Kiwi Melon
  3. Chewy Orange
  4. Juicy Black Currant
  5. Pear Ripple
  6. Colorful Fruits
  7. Pomegranate Apple
  8. Guava zest
  9. Mango Melon Aloe
  10. Banana Coconut

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