WAKA Mirror 4500



Introducing a Waka Mirror disposable vape Canada from the pioneer of RELX. Featuring 10ml of e-juice, which runs up to 4500 puffs that enjoy you for 8-10 days. The 500mAh built-in battery is rechargeable with a Type C charging cable. 

Waka Mirror Specification

  • Roughly 4500 puffs
  • liquid level: 10ml
  • Nicotine strength: 18mg/mo or 35mg/ml
  • Battery size: 500mAh

The Waka Mirror electronic cigarette is a box-shaped, metallic finish vape device. The device is prefilled with premium e-liquid. It is a safe vaping device because it has passed many quality and safety tests.

Four-Gate Safety Controls

  1. 23-standard Battery test
  2. 15 quality e-liquid test
  3. TPD test
  4. CE-qualified

Key Features

  • Metallic casing.
  • Advanced 2nd-Generation mesh coil.
  • 9-Layer flavour lock technology.
  • Draw- activated.
  • Fixed airflow.
  • MTL vaping.
  • Rechargeable with USB C.

Waka Mirror Flavour Portfolio

Waka Mirror introduced mesmerizing flavours that give pleasure to your taste buds. These flavours are as follows.

  1. Pomegranate Apple
  2. Passion Fruit Guava
  3. Pinenana Melon
  4. Dark Cherry
  5. Cherry Lime
  6. Tropical Fruit Surge
  7. Pineapple Coconut
  8. Mango Melon Aloe
  9. Strawberry Grape
  10. Strawberry Mango
  11. Watermelon Chill
  12. Blueberry Lemon

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