Exploring a unique model of Lost Mary 3000 disposable vape. The 1250mAh battery is adequate to run 3000 puffs without recharging the device. The compact and lightweight nature makes it a perfect device for vaping on the go.

Device parameters

  • Size: 24*98.65mm
  • E-liquid capacity: 7ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 5% or 50mg
  • Battery Capacity: 1250mAh
  • Puff ranges: 3000 puffs

What are the features of Lost Mary 3000?

  • The food-grade plastic material is used in the manufacturing of devices.
  • It has an ergonomic design for the convenience and portability of the users.
  • The device offers a smooth throat hit with a more intense flavour.

How many flavours of Lost Mary 3000 exist?

Lost Mary 3000, vape flavours are mouth-watering and give the vapers a refreshing sweetness and feel to enjoy a delightful moment with the burst fruit and ice mint flavours.

  1. Cool Mint
  2. Strawberry Icecream
  3. Strawberry Kiwi
  4. Watermelon Ice
  5. Blueberry Cheesecake
  6. Sour Apple
  7. Neon Rain
  8. Mango Peach
  9. Lemon Mint
  10. Jelly Bear
  11. Sakura Grape
  12. Pineapple Coconut

How long is a Lost Mary 3000 supposed to last?

The Lost Mary 3000 has a precharged, non-rechargeable battery and is prefilled with 7 ml of e-liquid. When the liquid ends or puff counts last, you must dispose of the device—the 3000 puff ends in approximately 1-2 weeks. 

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